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CARMA, an initiative led by Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA), to enable collaboration for research and development of Cooperative Driving Automation (CDA). The overarching purpose of CARMA is to transform transportation, improving efficiency and safety through automated vehicles working together and with roadway infrastructure. 

CARMA Platform is an open source software (OSS) that enables researchers and engineers to develop and test their Cooperative Driving Automation (CDA) features on properly equipped vehicles to set the foundation for interoperability across vehicle make and model as well as the safe introduction of the technology on our nation’s roads. The most recent version enables Research and Development (R&D) capabilities to support Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO). CARMA is built on a flexible framework designed to be easily shared and integrated into several vehicle models including passenger cars and heavy trucks. 

Currently, the CARMA Platform includes the following features:

  • Built on Top of ROS: Encourages modular design so that components can be easily swapped out to experiment with different combinations
  • Planning Plug-in Application Programming Interface (API): Allows users to install plug-ins for either strategic planning or tactical planning of vehicle behaviors and trajectories to exercise particular algorithms and cooperative interaction
  • Controller Plug-in API: Allows users to install new plug-ins for low-level motion planning algorithms
  • Hardware Driver API: Allows the platform to be installed on any properly equipped vehicle, as long as drivers are installed that connect to the various vehicle sensors and controller equipment
  • Vehicle-to-Everything Communications Messaging: Has built-incapability to compose/transmit and receive/parse V2X messages in SAE J2735 format, and can work with any radio device.

The CARMA Platform enables cooperative research functionality to an automated driving system (ADS), and CARMA Cloud enables the roadway to provide information to support and enable safe operation for new TSMO strategies. This technology facilitates cooperation among vehicles and roadway infrastructure through communication. By providing information about what’s ahead with CARMA Cloud (such as basic travel, traffic incident management, road weather management, and work zone management), the CARMA Platform enables automated vehicles to interact and cooperate with infrastructure and other vehicles increasing the performance of the existing transportation system.

We invite industry and academia interested in the FHWA's automated vehicles research to collaborate with us on GitHub.

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